audit image2Management of auditing activities- internal:

  • According ISO 9001 standard or internal company procedures audits
  • Assessment audits
  • Process audits  
  • Department  audits   
  • Scheduling, performing and reporting    
  • Following preventive / corrective actions  
  • Implementation of continuous improvements                                                  

Auditing of suppliers

  • According ISO 9001 standard or customer agenda audits
  • Qualification auditsaudit image4
  • Process – Product audits
  • Physical Area or Activity audits
  • Scheduling, performing  and reporting      
  • Following preventive / corrective actions    
  • Implementation continuous improvement 


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Conducting Audits can be a Science but Meaningful Audits is an Art:

  • Identifying missing elements  and  obvious     nonconformances is easy,
  • Identifying what is good and/or done right is necessary but difficult,
  • Identifying nonconformances to the intent of the standards or ineffective processes and activities is  difficult in a working environment,
  • Separating the trivial (observations and findings) from the Important takes judgement and experience,
  • Lecturing about audit conduct and policy is easy,
  • Asking the right questions is harder,
  • Getting people to talk and listening to what they have to say can be difficult,
  • Establishing credibility (audit has value) is an art, it must be earned,
  • Maintaining control of the audit without turning off communications takes leadership,
  • Separating fact from fancy takes experience; reliance on objective evidence, 
  • Making recommendations to resolve findings is not good audit practice: lose objectivity, become part of the problem and lack of familiarity with the process and practice
  • Making suggestions that would stimulate resolution is recommended, where necessary.
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