Why You Should Experiment

The human mind is often perplexed and confused by all of the cause-and-effect events happening around us. While the cause of some things is self-evident, others are not. For those that are not, we attempt to manipulate certain causes in an effort to discover what happens to something of interest. If such testing is arbitrary, sporadic and without structure, our conclusions are at risk of being declared true when, in reality, they were false — and vice versa.

However, if we bring scientific order to the ways and means we manipulate and test the speculative causes, we can greatly reduce the risk of drawing false conclusions. The ways and means of scientifically doing this is called “Design of Experiments,” or DOE as it is often referred to. Through the scientific process of DOE we are able to more confidently link potential causes to certain effects.

Thus, we are able to exert better control over the world around us; thereby, giving us the choice to improve the quality of our lives in a more purposeful, deliberate and confident way. Only in this way can we strip our fate from the jaws of perplexity, uncertainty and chaos. When we achieve victory over nature, we can set a course that is of our own choosing.

source: Mikel Harry, Ph.D. Co-Creator of Six Sigma, National Best Selling Author and Consultant to World’s Top Executives

By Source Management Systems Consulting

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