Occupational Safety Management systems : OHSAS 18001:2007

 A BS 18001 health and safety management system is a systematic and process driven approach to controlling and monitoring risks that can arise from the company’s day to day activities. This system is proven to enable the business to be pro-active rather then re-active, therefore more effectively protecting the health and welfare of your workforce on an on-going basis.

Why BS OHSAS  18001 Certification?

By obtaining the BS OHSAS 18001 Certification you can prove to your stakeholders, customers and staff that you are aware of your health and safety obligations and are looking to minimise the risks that are associated. The main benefit of obtaining BS OHSAS 18001 are:

Benefits to you:

  • Enhanced reputation as a health and safety conscious organisation.
  • Reduced risk of potential litigation cases, for example through reducing the number of accidents in the work place.
  • Improved productivity of the workforce as potential for absenteeism and sickness is reduced.

Benefits to your customers:

  • By conducting rigorous risk and hazard assessments customers are reassured that products / services are delivered within legal requirements.
  • Knowledge that heightened awareness of health and safety codes of practice is promoted throughout the supply chain.

Benefits to your staff:

  • Peace of mind that they are employed by a company that promotes health and safety in the workplace, and involvement from all staff to ensure it is a safe place to work.
  • Ability to take responsibility for hazard identification and risk assessment therefore contributing to accidents / incident reporting; consequently improving morale.
  • Job security improved through enhanced business performancepe your paragraph here
By Source Management Systems Consulting


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